Caregiving Ain’t Easy

Caregiving for a sick family member or friend can be very difficult under the best of circumstances.  But when the individual has Alzheimer’s, that battle becomes that much worse.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s are:

  • Memory impairment, such as difficulty remembering events
  • Difficulty concentrating, planning or problem-solving
  • Problems finishing daily tasks at home or at work
  • Confusion with location or passage of time
  • Having visual or space difficulties, such as not understanding distance in driving, getting lost or misplacing items
  • Language problems, such as word-finding problems or reduced vocabulary in speech or writing
  • Using poor judgment in decisions
  • Withdrawal from work events or social engagements
  • Changes in mood, such as depression or other behavior and personality changes

Well heck, is that all?!?!?!  And Alzheimer’s affects everyone’s brain differently.  So what my dad’s symptoms are, may not exactly mimic your family members symptoms. It’s crazy how the illness affects everyone’s brains differently.  But the reality of it is, that there are enough similarities in the way that the disease manifests that allow caregivers to have similar experiences.



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